Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Turn Your Radio On

to me, one of the easist gigs in the world has got to be a liberal commentator in America. After all GWB practically writes their material for them. I mean what's not to target, you have the continuing misadventure that is Iraq; a place where brave Americans are dying for, now what was that reason again? to the deficit, the huge burden that's being placed on the shoulders of future generations to the now below the surface but still potentially embarassing Enron debacle.

Let's not forget the latest which is GWB plan for social security. He wants everyone to throw their potential retirement income onto the stock market where they can invest in companies such as; Enron, Qwest and other winners.

I should say that I do have investments in mutual funds, but I tell you I'm not putting all my future income there.

Yet, they don't seem to be able to get anywhere; I wonder if it's because one of their 'stars' is Janeane Garofalo; a woman who invented the phrase not funny comedian. She's a comic in search of both material and a comedic sense of timing.

But to continue, you could consider the economy, here's one article. You know your country is going down the tube when Canada, my fair dominion, is beating the crap out of you in the financial front. Hey, this makes it good to be a Canadian. After getting our teeth kicked during the 90's and early 00's we're now on top looking down.

You know if they could only see beyond the nonsense, they will realize one thing; they are set up to win big.


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