Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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It is always good to share ones view of the world, so here's another from my world. People have accused me, as reported in this blog, of not being a good conservative. There is a good reason for that and here it is, I am not a conservative. I am far more comfortable on the left side of the political equation. This leads to the next question, why am I not a supported of, say, the Liberals. There is a good reason for that, the Liberals aren't liberal. Take that silly notion out of your mind immediately. They are as liberal as, say the PRI ( Institutionalized Revolutionary Party) of Mexico is a Revolutionary Party. You can read some notes about the PRI here.
If you read the link at the opening you can understand that the Liberal Party of Canada is not liberal, it is a tired, corrupt organization that pretends to be liberal but has in fact become a means of providing perks to the friends of the Prime Minister. What is rather amusing is a comment near the end of the article, let me quote:
Jean Lapierre, Prime Minister Paul Martin's Quebec lieutenant has insisted the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party was free of tainted funds because it had a $3.9-million debt when Martin became party leader in November 2003. Actually that was never part of the equation, no one accused the Party of benefiting from the scandel, it's always been about the Friends of the PM receiving the spoils of the pillage.
You see, what usually happens is that every so many years the Liberal get turfed out,usually after the become tired, corrupt and inefficient. Now that should have happened in the last election, however the burghers of Ontario, my fair province decided a corrupt government is better then one with a leader from Alberta, namely the Conservative Party of Canada. So the Liberals remain in power with all their problems and have not been allowed to go through their period of penance and cleansing that is required of them every decade or so.
The end result will be until that time comes, more government waste, more corruption and a more incompetent government.


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