Sunday, March 13, 2005

CBC Television - Doctor Who: "Slawko Klymkiw, Executive Director Programming, CBC Television said, 'Bringing back the hugely popular DOCTOR WHO series to fans new and old alike - was an exciting opportunity for CBC. "

This is great news, so mark the calendar, power up the VCR or DVD recorder and get ready, the Doctor is coming back. He's live, He's back and he is on CBC. What a great way to start the Spring season. After over a decade the secret wish, the dream that seemed to fade a bit with each passing year was the return of Doctor Who and now it's true.

With word the BBC was resurrecting the series hit the wire and world it was exciting, then the word CBC was commiting to bring the series to Canada was ecstactic. There was a concern that it would be stuck at some ungodly time of the day, but here it is, coming at Prime Time. The good news, I've got satellite, miss it in my time zone, I can watch it an hour later.

Celebrate my people, the Doctor is Coming.

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