Sunday, March 06, 2005

Just a reminder where I was last year. This race was my first duathlon. I had participated in a number of 5k runs, and I have the t shirts to prove it so this was my longest distance.

Well, I want to do it again, according to the schedule it's August 13th, so you know when I'm going to be on holidays.

Today, I did my first run. I have been walking the treadmill but today I laced them up and headed outdoors. It is a wonderful feeling to get free of the basement.

My time 20'35" distance 3 km. I wanted to be easy and not over do it on the first attempt. Plenty of time to add on distance later.

I am planning to develop and follow a training plan. My goal last year was to finish around 2h15', which I did, for this race I would like to be closer to 2 hr.


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