Monday, October 23, 2006

The Weekend in Sports

The weekend started with a football game at University of Windsor stadium. The Lancers were hosting the 2005 Vanier Cup champion Laurier Golden Hawks. We plucked our $8.00 dollars a ticket down to sit in the gold section of the stadium and waited for the game to start. There was a good contingent from WLU, in fact there was quite a number of them in our section.

The game was won by Windsor 39-29, and while Windsor jumped out to an early first half lead it became very interesting in the third and fourth quarter. However the defence for Windsor stiffened up and forced four turnovers (2 fumbles and 2 interceptions) to ensure the lead stayed with Windsor. It was both an exciting game and a great day for football, especially when the sun came out in the second half.

The result will be Windsor will host a semi-final game this Saturday. Their opponent will be the University of Western Ontario Mustangs. If I have one concern its this, Windsor has got to play a full game and not just 3 out of the four quarters. Western is their nemisis and this is a chance for the Lancers to stomp all over this rival. Still you have to believe.

Now the rest of the weekend, Saturday was to witness a rare Tiger loss. It was upsetting but then again, one has to realize this is the World Series and these two are the best teams in baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals are a great team and must not be forgotten. Now what TigerNation should do is find that idiot reporter with USAToday who said the Tigers win in three and slap him silly.

Then Sunday, Kenny Rogers pitched a gem of the game and the Tigers tied up the series. Now right now, much is being made of the alledged "substance" on the hand of the Gambler. The question is why didn't LaRussa come out and challenge the umpires to check him out. There's a couple of reasons and here are some given, 1) he didn't see it, like someone didn't phone the dugout from St. Louis and tell him all about it; 2) he has so much respect for Jim Leyland, he didn't want to confront the best pitcher in the playoffs or 3) he has this in his back pocket for game 6.

Consider this, you see something and you confront Rogers, if the umpires decide it was intentional and Rogers is tossed out. The potential is that Tigers lose game two and now the Cardinals return home for three games with the potential to win at home.
Did Rogers have something? Who knows, was it pine tar, or chew? By the way, Rogers worst inning was the first, so perhaps the Cardinals should demand Kenny have the substance on his hand for game 6.

Whatever, it doesn't matter. The Tigers are tied and it's still good.

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