Wednesday, October 11, 2006

MLB - Detroit Tigers/Oakland Athletics Box Score Wednesday October 11, 2006 - Yahoo! Sports


Now this was a wild game. The Tigers pulled out a win in a game that featured a lot of home runs (3 by Oakland, 2 by the Tigers) and strikeouts ( 13 by the Tigers, 7 by Oakland). I guess you could say that batters were either walking slowly back to the dugout or trotting slowly around the base paths. With the possible exception of Milton Bradley who sprinted from third to home on his home run. He was pumped and excited.

You would think a game that was 8-5, it meant the Tigers had an easy time, but the bottom of the 9th was the classic, bases loaded and two out. Fortunately for the Tigers, Frank Thomas flied out to center to end the potential rally.

What is amazing is the Tigers find a new player to come to the fore and be the Man. In this game it was Alexis Gomez who hit a home run and drove in four of the eight Tiger runs.

Still it was nerve wracking at the very end, Todd Jones made it interesting. So now on to Detroit for three games. What will happen, can we use the "S" word? Have to wait for Friday night.

Let's Go Tigers

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