Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Night

So I've been by the door, handing out the candy to the ghost, goblins, pirates and other assorted trick or treaters making their round. I think we had more this year then last year. Then again it's a nice night with a clear sky and a half moon in the sky. In other words a perfect night for the gathering of goodies.

While waiting I had my laptop fired up and waited. During the wait, I watched an episode of Torchwood, the spin off from Doctor Who. More on that for a different time. Also I decided to listen to the local University Radio Station CJAM, it is the local access radio station that serves the university population and the communities of Windsor and Detroit. With children at various post secondary centres of education I decided to listen to the various college stations and other alternative radio stations. It's the annual pledge drive for CJAM and so if anyone wants to send them a few dollars, the information is on the website.

I thought about other alternative stations I listened to for example when we lived in Vancouver, I used to listen to Co-Op Radio. It was a great station, they had every Wednesday night, for example a show dedicated to science fiction. This was all sorts of sci-fi, fantasy and other forms of speculative fiction- it was great. There was also a lot of various programming that was not featured in any other media outlet. That was not the only station, I also listened to CiTR, which was UBC's radio station. They were also involved with Discorder Magazine, which had a fantastic number of articles. The great thing about Vancouver was it's alternative press, plus the great free outdoor recreation magazine. Plus the computer magazines, especially the computer magazines. You could get a eclectic mix of reading just grabbing all the free magazines that were available around Commercial Drive. Hey I just checked, Magpie Magazine Gallery is still in operation, now that was a fun store. Lots of great magazines and a good place to check out the alternative works. Of course another fascinating bookstore is People's Coop Bookstore.

Quite a blog, from handing out candy to college radio stations to alternative literature in Vancouver. By the way, Coop Radio is also having a pledge drive, so there you go, two radio stations that can use your support.


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