Saturday, October 07, 2006 - MLB - Box Score - Yankees at Tigers
Bring On Oakland

Now the real series starts.

The Tigers finished off the Yankees. The team that was supposed to be 'just a minor annoyance' finished the GREATEST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND in relatively easy fashion. If we all thought Friday's game was one-sided this was worse. The Yankees were hitless in five innings and didn't even get a run until the 7th. The vaulted Yankee line-up was anemic at best.

If you are interested here are some numbers:

Yankees BA .246
Tigers BA .309

Yankees ERA 5.5
Tigers ERA 3.5

In the end it wasn't even close.

Now it starts for real on Tuesday. Game One in Oakland on Tuesday. Can the Tigers prevail, I suppose the question should be asked, which team has the most confidence? Plus, why not the Tigers. They just eliminated the Evil Empire.

You have to believe.

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