Friday, October 06, 2006


Consider this:

Kenny Rogers 7.2 5 0 0 2 8

Translation: Kenny Rogers schooled the vaulted Yankee batting order. He went almost 8 innings and let not one Yankee cross home plate. In fact he caused a whole lot of them to walk back to the dugout talking to themselves. The Gambler made them look very bad and that's something because this is supposed to be the "Greatest Team Ever". In fact the Tigers aren't supposed to be even in the same league as the Yankees. After all the Tigers are a fraud, they had a horrible last 50 games, they lost three in a row to the Royals. Yes the Tigers should simply give up now and allow the Yankees to face the A's because the Yankees were supposed to sweep the Tigers. The pity is, the Yankees are the frauds and the Tigers are, after tonight the real deal.

Now it's not over. The Yankees are still the best team in the history of the world after all. They are so good, they actually won tonight. Yes they won every place but, on the scoreboard.

Think it over, the fraudulent Tigers shutout the greatest team in human history.

It is a beautiful thing.

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