Monday, January 30, 2006

What Stephen needs to Do

As I do love to give free advice to people, I want to give some suggestions to our Prime Minister designate, Stephen Harper. You can thank me later Stephen. Here we go.

1) Pass the Federal Accountability Act. This should be done immediately. Do it before the corruption that is Ottawa begins to infect you and the Party. If you get it passed and make it as ironclad as you say, you will change the face of Canadian politics. Imagine a day when the PM and the PMO don't call all the shots and appoint everybody. Clean up Ottawa, immediately.

2) Appoint Jim Flaherty as your finance minister. The guy is smart, he understands the role and responsibility of being a finance minister. He will straighten things up.

3) Cut the GST. You promised this and do it. Fail and you'll be the next Jean Chretien.

4) Ignore Toronto.

and last, but not least

5) appoint me to the Senate. I promise I will attend meetings. Honest.

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