Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here is my
Election Day Rock n' Roll Fantasy

1) Conservatives garner about 165-170 seats. This is a majority government and a workable majority, none of these 180-210 range majorities that prove to be a disaster. Also it's enough but not large, to keep the party aware that they can't be arrogant about it.

2) NDP as Official Opposition. The role of the Official Opposition is two-fold, the first is to criticize the government and show what problems may exist in any piece of legislature and the second is to act as an alternative to the government, a government in waiting if you please. Both the Conservatives and NDP are parties of ideology and policy, there might be some very interesting debate over various issues. As well, there will be a clear difference, rather then one of character. Plus chances are the NDP will be acting as the Official Opposition anyway, see the next two points.

3) the Liberals are going to be busy putting on performances of the assassination scene from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar for the next little while, with P. Martin starring in the title role. They will be tremendously busy sharpening knives. While it will be wildly entertaining, won't provide much policy. Make 'em the third party, that way there won't be that much blood to mop up.

4) the Bloc, reduce them to the Rump. As I mentioned in the point of the NDP, the role of the Opposition is to provide alternatives to the government, hard to do that when you really don't care about the other 9 provinces and 3 territories. Gilles, you a cool guy, but life is passing you by, 4th place for you.

5) Get some Greens in the House. Will make it fun.

Just a couple of thoughts.

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