Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's the Middle of February

and I haven't posted anything to my blog yet. What happen to the edge and all that stuff. Nothing actually. I've been thinking about doing a blog about some of the things I've been listening to and watching. For example last week I rented the DVD of Doom the unrated, widescreen version. I paid three dollars for the privilege to rent it at the local computer and video store. To sum up the movie, three dollars is about the right price for renting this movie. I don't mean to say it was bad after all it featured The Rock as Sarge a tough as nails Marine Corps officer. How tough? He has Semper Fidelus tatooed on his back. Now that's tough. He is ordered to take a squad of Marines to a base on Mars and do three things, one, rescue all the surviving scientist, two contain whatever the cause of the problem and three, retrieve data. His squad lands on Mars and proceeds to the place of quarentine. They arrive with attitude and really big guns, so you know it's going to be a movie with a rather large body count. If you've played Doom you know the strategy, if it moves shoot it, or blow it up or cut it up with a chainsaw. The movie has the same premise and the attitude is very dark. It even has, near the end the first person feeling of the game, where you see through the eyes of the hero, who is not The Rock at this point and that is my only spoiler. You see the guns, the chainsaws, the plasma weapons and all that good stuff.

What can be said about the movie? It's a movie based upon a video game, what do expect Peter Jackson? It's a time waster. Something to watch while you eat popcorn. The special features are interesting, one is a documentary of the Doom phenomenum and it features Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb from X-Play and Kevin Pereira of "Attack of the Show". They give some interesting insight into the game, plus there is interviews with the people from Id Software.

Rent it. Sure why not.

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