Thursday, January 26, 2006

Straight Goods - Minority preferred - Conservatives' rise in popularity has been driven by Canada's elite, not majority.

I've got a whole lot to say about the election, but that's for an upcoming blog. What you think I wouldn't have any comments about the election???? Come on, I'm a political science major, elections are like my Super Bowl.

Let me say, I enjoy reading Linda McQuaig, I've got a few of her books and usually I find her comments insightful. However, this one I believe is totally out of whack. I am afraid her progressive left leaning conspiracy theories are coming to the fore on this one. Notice her comment it's not the people that voted the Conservatives in, it's the elite that did the dirty job on the Liberals. Notice as well, what sort of people support the Conservatives; " Graves says Harper's sudden rise in the polls reflects his increased support among only a few groups — primarily among affluent, older, predominantly male Canadians". Yes, it's those darn white males that are bringing them Conservatives into power.

What I find so interesting is there is no comment at all about the general disgust people had for the extremes of the Chretien-Martin era; the out of control gun registry, the HRDC boondoogle, the AdScam. None of those events even cast a shadow on those wonderful progressive Liberals, none of those are worthy of bringing down the government and causing the Conservatives to win, its those honkeys that are responsible. In fact have you noticed individuals such as Linda are quite silent over the issue of the scandals of the Liberal party; she was quick to write a book about the alledged scandals of the Mulroney Conservatives, which ultimately proved false, but the Liberal scandals no one seems to want to bring them up.

If someone is suffering from a blind spot, it's unfortunately people like Linda McQuaig. She can't see past her ideology and when people are reticient to follow it, well, it must be those darn rich right guys.

Yes I understand the inability for the Conservatives to win in the major cities. That is cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal; the only ones that count. I examined the top ten cities of Canada and these are cities that have populations over 400,000; Conservatives have representatives in five of them. Those cities are Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Quebec City. I would say that each of those cities are relatively important, most being provincial capitals and one the nation's capital. Then again, I am afraid the popular elite seems to see itself only in the Toronto axis and only when the rest agree with it, are they included in the axis of evil.

In a way, it is sort of sad. I hope Linda enjoys the next two years andn more fulminating about how the country is being ruled by rich white older guys and urban Canadians, and minorities and rural people and francophones....

Peace and out.

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