Monday, January 16, 2006

Study suggests ridding law banning polygamy


Conspiracy Theory Time

Last Monday as you know, PM Paul Martin decided to announce his parties desire to remove the "Notwithstanding" Clause out of the Constitution. Now, enough have been written as to why that's a bad idea so I'm not going to discuss this. What is interesting is a policy paper that was released only a couple days later suggesting that Canada should removed the legal restrictions to polygamy. In other words, make it legal to have more then one spouse.

Let's consider a few things shall we; if politicians thought same-sex marriage was a hot issue imagine if Canada became the first jurisdiction in the Western World to allow for bigamy and polygamy? If there was a court challenge, and while this writer thinks no court would declare that section of the Criminal Code unconstitutional, let's just say that I wouldn't put it past the idiots who make up the Supreme Court of Canada to just that sort of thing.

So, in a case like this, the notwithstanding clause would ensure that marriage be limited to only two people at any one time.

So where does the conspiracy come to play? Consider this, in 1982, the year the constitution was repatriated, the Minister of Justice who also had responsibility for constitutional negotiation was none other then Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien. As the Minister of Justice and the fellow who signed it, he obviously had no problem with the 'Notwithstanding' clause. Even Pierre Trudeau thought the clause was important. So who would be the angriest about this who nonsense, but the man who brought it into being.

He no doubt has a large number of friends who work in the ministry and perhaps a few IOU's were called in.

No doubt they had discussed this, but the timing is suspect. Just one more way to discredit Paul Martin.

I would if he will qualify for EI?

Remember to vote on January 23rd.

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