Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Issue that dare not Speak its Name

I'm talking about AdScam. The Gomery Inquiry revealed widespread corruption within the Liberal Party of Canada, yet the National Media, or MSM seems silent. Yes you have a few articles here and there, but no one seems to be pressing the issue at all.

I remember writing quite a while ago that if that happened in the States, the Press would have been all over it, in fact journalists would be fighting to break the news. This is because they would know whoever takes credit better rent a tuxedo because the Pulitzer is all but theirs.

As an aside, visit the Gomery Inquiry webpage and go to the section labelled Who is Responsible? Summary it makes for some incredible reading. In fact, make sure your local Liberal candidate sees it too. Why not drop a copy off at their campaign office. Plaster the sign posts nearby with it. If your liberal candidate is an incumbent, when they knock on your door ask them only two questions:

What Did you Know about AdScan?
When did you know it?


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