Monday, December 12, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Martin aide apologizes for child-care comment

What the Liberals think about you

Every so often the Liberals will tell you what they think about you, the average Canadian. You'll not read about it in their campaign literature, or their rather dumb television ads, because that's too controlled, but every so often, someone like Scott Reid comes along and shares with you what they, the Liberals, think about us.

The incident in question was a debate on televison, Mr. Reid was criticizing the Conservative plan of giving families $1200 per year for each child under six, rather then developing a national day care program. The Conservatives want flexibility and want to give people the choice. But I digress, what is so fascinating is his comment about the Conservative plan. He said Working families need care," he said. "They need care that is regulated, safe and secure and that's what we're building here. Don't give people $25 a week to blow on beer and popcorn. Give them child-care spaces that work.

In other words, the average Canadian is an idiot and if given a few extra dollars would blow it on a case of 2-4 or microwave popcorn. Notice he didn't say, give families extra money ahd they'll blow it on food, clothing and shoes for their children. Nor did he say, if the children are infants, they'll blow it on formula, diapers or food. No, because in his mindset, the average Canadian can't be trusted to do the right thing. That's why the Liberal party is here, to control us. You see, they leave us just enough money to buy the basics and trust me, if they could get away with it, they'd tax us at 100& and give us all food stamps and coupons to purchase the goods we need.

Now someone might think this is just an isolated statement from somebody speaking before their brain started working, then you get Mr. John Duffy, another high ranking Liberal, who said that he agreed with the statement wholeheartedly. Again, this is the thinking of the Liberals, you are a simpleton. You can't be trusted, it is up to the Liberals to make sure we don't do anything dumb.

There's another thing about this, it's our money. You see governments do not make money, they take money. The return some of it back, but most of the time it stays with them.

Remember this is the same party that had no trouble giving millions to Liberal friendly ad agencies in Quebec. Money that was later siphoned off to the Liberal Party in Quebec by the way. They had no problem with that idea, but giving hard working Canadian parents $1200 a year is a problem.

Let me make a suggestion, let's set aside a special day to bring to the local Liberal campaign office, a bag of microwave popcorn.


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