Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Liberal resigns over vulgar blog

Count this as another example of what

The Liberal Party Thinks of You

Okay the last time it was the fact that the Liberal intelligensia think you're incapable of being a good parent. Now we find find another high ranking Liberal decides its okay to use ethnic slurs against candidates of other parties. Yes by now we've all heard how Mike Klander has described Olivia Chow to a chow-chow. Or how Rahim Jaffer is an ethnic. Oh but Liberals will say, Mike is a great guy, he worked on Paul Martin's campaign team. He's a respected leader. I mean he supports diversity. In fact this is what one person said: Mike has been a long-time Liberal and holds the Liberal values of diversity and tolerance and inclusiveness so [making racial remarks] certainly wasn't his intention. His intention was to have a humorous site with some biting humour that he and some fellow Liberals could [read]. He recognized there's a couple of things that crossed the line.

No, let me tell you about the real Mike, he is a racist. He has to be, one doesn't wake up one morning and make racist remarks. Deep down inside him it's obvious he has problems with people of other races and groups running for office.

Another thing, he called people who wear cowboy hats, 'gay'. Oh wow, what a slam. Like you hear that word used as an insult in a lot of SCHOOLYARDS. In other words, besides being racist and homophobic, he's also immature.

Yes a fine outstanding Liberal.

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