Thursday, December 08, 2005

CBC News: Martin takes aim at handguns

Why do I think this will not work. Sadly this is the typical knee-jerk reaction to a problem that is vaster then rap music. Paul wants to ban handguns in Canada. Yes an outright ban on them.

Now wait a minute, I thought the billion dollar boondoggle called the Gun Registry was supposed to deal with the problem of guns and crime.n Well it did in a way, it threatened to make law abiding citizens criminals if they didn't registered their guns by a certain date. I guess this means the program failed. In fact I think the problem with guns in Canada is most of the guns being used in crime aren't registered.

So why won't the ban not work, simple, criminals don't really care about the law. That's why they are criminals, they tend to break the law. Why Paul thinks the gun play will end because he has said so is beyond me.

Of course this is one of those motherhood issues, if you stand up and say this is idiotic, then you come across as being soft on crime, yadda yadda yadda.

What is needed is one of two things, perhaps even three. One, mandatory jail time for anyone who uses a weapon to commit a crime. Use a handgun, tack on a minimum ten years, no parole, no time out for good behavior. Straight ten years. Second, get a greater police presence in areas of high crime. Of course the problem with this is when you have a soft headed mayor like they have in Toronto who doesn't like the police. The third thing is give people more opportunity to better themselves through education and job training. Let's be honest a person holding down a good job is not likely to commit a crime. I realize this doesn't apply all the time but still.

Notice, nowhere did I say anything about banning guns, rap or Fifty Cents.

By the way, one more thing about Buzz's strategy, it will backfire. People will vote Liberal instead of NDP and that might mean a strong Liberal presence with an almost non-existent NDP. Hope you like that cushy federal appointment Buzz. Oh by the way, ever read Dante's Inferno, there's a special place called Coctyus, it's the place reserved for traitors.

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