Monday, August 16, 2004

Yesterday I did it. I completed my first dualthon. My time was 2hr15m22seconds, good enough for 91st overall. You can see where I place by going here. To give my overall, I was pleased with the run portion, both the 3k and the 6k. I was surprised I did so well with the 6k since this was always my concern. The bike, well, I'm not too happy with. I was slower then I thought even though my training runs were I though good.

It was an experience I'm glad I had and I will be going next year.

Between now and then I plan to develop a training plan. You see when I started only a month ago, I didn't really know how to train. I just biked and ran although I never did get to the place where I'd bike and then run. So I will be following some strategies and will do better next year.

In the end I did feel good, especially after taking the ASA.


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