Sunday, August 08, 2004

One of the things i wanted to do on vacation was stop at Lennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, which is a bit north of Atlanta. I had visited this sight years ago and wanted to visit it again, plus I did promise a friend some Confederate money.

It is a interesting place, the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain was part of Sherman's March to Atlanta and was a particularily nasty battle. As you can read the south did win this engagement although General Johnson did retreat rather then face being cut off by Sherman's forces. We did do some hiking and made our way to Pigeon Hill, there are some Confederate earthworks visible. At this sight there was a serious skirmish which cost the lives of hundreds. It's eerie to consider that where we stood, people fought and died. There is a hush still today when you consider that men put their lives on the line for either a cause, or for the fact they were protecting their homes from a perceived invader. On a fence was a wreath with the simple words of a state and the fact these were soldiers of the Confederacy.

It was a silent yet in the silence there was something that made it a place not to play but to mediate and consider.


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