Saturday, August 28, 2004

Canada has had a pretty good day at the Olympics, there is the first Canadian multi-medal winner and three medals to the time I'm writing this blog. After the first week things seem to be better for the nation's psyche. I recall someone suggesting that the medal tally could be about 14 for Canada and if our athletes can garner just two more then the total will be reached.

It has been an Olympics of mood swings, either high or low, sometimes in the same day. During these games, people who were shoo in for medals didn't do all that well and the unknowns have come to the fore, being our new champions.

Well, still you have to give all the best of support and love to these people. A lot of themselves is left on the arena and they know they do this for love of the sport and their nation.

Im still see red about the Toronto Star and their coverage of Perdita Felicien. In a column by Rosie DiManno it was a classic hatchet job. I have never read anything more horrendous and terrible. Perdita has shown more class then most of the Toronto Star columnists.

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