Saturday, August 14, 2004

Well, I've signed up and written the cheque. I had the pasta dinner at the restaurant and tomorrow I'm doing the duathlon. This is my first one and I'm both excited and nervous about the situation. I'm excited because it is my first duathlon, and nerves because I ask myself the question, am I ready.

If you want information about it go to the website. I had been complaining to myself and anyone who wanted to listen that I feel I needed a motivation to train. That had been lacking, usually I enter at least one or two races a year and that is my motivation but until a month ago I didn't think I was going to enter any race. Then I picked up that pamphlet and now I'm ready.

I suppose the big question is was the training sufficient? I know going down south didn't help matters although I did try to stay active, so it's going to be the litmus test tomorrow. I'm not worried about the distances, I've done 30k on the bike, I've run 3k and 6k. It's the transition from bike to run that still a concern. I know doing the 3 and then the bike is not a problem, its the final leg.

I went over and checked out the course, the run takes place on the Ganatchio Trail. A map of the course is on the website. There is a few inclines and declines, probably not bad but I train in Essex where the only incline and decline is the railway crossing. But tomorrow is it, I'm ready.

Yes, I'm ready. I'm just going to take it easy tonight, rest up, drink water and other liquids and have a good night's sleep.


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