Friday, August 13, 2004

The Globe and Mail
Here is one of those articles that begs a comment. So Andre Ouellet felt he had to resign. I love the opening quote from the Globe, here it is: André Ouellet, once one of the most powerful politicians in the country, felt he was forced to quit as Canada Post president yesterday in the wake of audit reports saying he had not properly accounted for about $2-million in expenses.
. Well, yeah. I mean if I handed in $2 million dollars of expenses to my employer and asked for reimbursement without any receipts to back it up, the response would be, a) laughter and b) a pink slip. Then again I suppose if you're the boss the normal rules doesn't apply to you. Actually Andre they do. You resigned because you knew your butt was in the sling and when Parliament reconvenes guess who's head the Opposition would be asking for. So he quits, he understands that it was all political. No it wasn't Andre, you 'resigned' because you stole and committed fraud. I'm glad you're not getting severence, inspite of your 'good' work. You claim that Canada Post became profitable under your leadership, good thing eh? Otherwise the corporation couldn't afford your lifestyle.

I think the response of all us taxpayers is simple, let's sue the idiot. As a Crown Corporation we are the stockowners and if the CEO acts in such a fraudulent way, it's upon us to teach him a lesson.

Andre you are a weazel.


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