Tuesday, June 22, 2010

National Pollinators Week

I missed International Composting Week so when I heard about this week, I promised myself I do a quick blog. It's my way of drawing attention to some important things. Unfortunately I don't think the local Hallmark's store has the cards quite yet. Shame really because this is one of those holidays we need to be reminded of and to take part in some way.

This week, our thoughts are centred upon the pollinators, those insects, birds and animals that help spread the pollen around and make our plants and vegetables grow to be lush and fruitful, to say nothing of our fruits. Perhaps the best known of the pollinators is the honey bee. Truly one of natures amazing workers. Their tireless work help spread the pollen and make so much of our food to grow and thrive.

Lately, we have been aware of problems with honey bees. In fact there are many instances of colonies being wiped out. The phenomenon is referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder and it is nasty. There are a number of reasons; Genetically Modified Food, electromagnetic interference from power lines and cellular phone towers, to name just a few. Another suggestion is that the bees are suffering from a virus which was transmitted from Australian bees. Others suggestion it has to do with the pesticides used by farmers and others. What ever the reason it is serious and one that we must consider and come up with a solution. An article in the Guardian states that instead of studying the issue, it is now time to solve it and the method suggested is to grow more gardens that are honey bee friendly.

One website declared this week to be a salute to bees. They encouraged all to get involved with the Great Sunflower Project, since sunflowers are one of those flowers honey bees like and the more honey bees you have the better it is for your garden. So plant those sunflowers if you haven't done so already. I've planted some Prado Red this year, just to be a bit different.

So this week, do something nice to our bees. Think about growing and planting some flowers that will attract them and keep them around. They do so much for us, they now need our help. It's only fair.

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