Monday, September 14, 2009

The Real Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Stephen Harper is a Commie!

If Michael Ignatieff is to be believed in the latest article on, our Prime Minister is in fact a socialist loving Commie. That's right, you heard Michael (Rush Limbaugh) Ignatieff has exposed the great secret of Canadian politics. Just think about it, we've been wrong all these years about Prime Minister Harper, he's not a dangerous right-wing extremist, but a card carrying member of the Communist Party of Canada. Well, perhaps even that statement is a bit extreme for Iggy, still there must be some flirting with socialism. After all, the Prime Minister was born in Toronto! Not just anywhere, but probably one of those socialist latte slurping ridings in the City! No doubt that explains why he is always leaning to the left in photographs. Thta explains why "Comrade" Harper won't go to China, he's a doctrinaire Maoist. This explains so much.

So what we have is Ignatieff has decided to return to his American Right Wing roots and follow the lead of the Birthers and the other Patriotic Americans who are fighting against the creeping socialism of President Barak Hussain Obama.

So here is the reason why Mr Ignatieff wants to bring down the government, because he wants to save Canada from the dangers of the Socialist Front of Harper future government. He knows if Harper gets his wish and gains a majority, we will soon be greeting each other with the word 'Comrade', and our fair Dominion will degenerate into a 'People's Republic'. As well, our national anthem will change from "O Canada" and replace it with:

So you have been exposed "Comrade" Harper. We can thank that great Right Wing Patriot, Michael Ignatieff for having the courage to speak out with the truth.

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