Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brantford Jazz Festival- Day Two
The Shuffles Demons Conquer the Bell Stage

So after two days, twelve hours+ of live performance, the Second Annual Jazz Festival of Brantford is over. With the crowds of this year, I suspect there will be a Third Annual Brantford International Jazz Festival. There has to be, you can't bring over 2,000 into downtown Brantford and not say it was a success.

With three stages, one for the headliners, one for youth jazz groups and the third for local musicians, it meant a person had to keep moving, and with the weather again being perfect, it was not that difficult to do, and it kept one busy. The music overall was great.

Today one of the headliners and the group I wanted to hear was the Shuffle Demons. They did not disappoint. They arrived by coming not onto the stage, but off to the side and wandered through the crowd:

They played a combination of some new works, classic jazz and be-bop, plus the classic hits. A good time for sure. The brought the house together when the ended their last song with another walk through the crowd, Shuffle Demon Style

The next group on the Bell Stage was Caché, a group which calls itself `Toronto`s Fiercest Salsa Band`. Salsa music is:

Salsa music is a diverse and predominantly Cuban Caribbean genre that is popular across Latin America and among Latinos abroad that was brought to international fame by Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians. Salsa incorporates multiple styles and variations; the term has been used to describe most any form of popular Cuban/Puerto Rican-derived genre, such as chachachá and Son.

They brought the heat that is salsa to the stage and got people up and dancing:

The third performer on the main stage was Peter Appleyard. This was the legend, the veteran, the classic jazz performer. He brought his style that had been honed over the decades to the stage and to the enjoyment of all. The stage was surrounded by photographers and so Peter decided to take a picture of them:

With the weather in full cooperation and good crowds, the 2nd Annual has to be considered a success. Mark on your calendar the 3rd Annual, next year, same time, same location.

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