Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's only Rock and Roll, but... I don't know what that means

We were all made aware of the great event that was taking place on September 9th, or 9-9-09. It was a Apple keynote that was supposed to be something incredible in the world of Apple.

There was rumours, oh yes a lot of rumours, including such things as a Beatles reunion thta would announce the launch of the complete catalogue on iTunes so people could finally download all the Beatles works legally. Certainly when one considers the great release of their material in remastered CD, plus in Guitar Hero and Rock Star. It was a great time to be a fan of the Beatles and when one considers the fact that Steve Jobs is thought to be a huge fan, it made sense.

Of course, every Apple blog worth its salt had its opinions, thoughts and rumours.

In the end, the big news was the re-appearance of Steve Jobs. He's back. He survived his liver transplant and while not looking good, he was good enough and had enough health to do the keynote.

What was the result: well, there was no camera in the itouch. The blog Apple Insider took one of the new ipod touchs and discovered there was a place for a camera and a few other surprises.

This did not happen. There is some thought of a hardware challenge, the camera simply didn't work in the touch. Although i wonder if that's the truth, since the ipod touch is simply an iPhone without the capability to make a phone call. If there is a camera on one, there should be a camera on the other. What is the problem. If they can have the hardware work for one, what's the challenge. There must be another reason, perhaps it is because of the news which was the nano would have a camcorder on it. Which is another challenge and surprise, why a camcorder. I supppose Jobs looked around and noticed that one of the fastest moving part of the technology world is the small inexpensive camcorders that allow people to video and upload to YouTube. So the nano is a camcorder. It seems to be part of Jobs strategy to make an all purpose device. Farhad Manjoo of Slate suggests the ipod is dead. But why do people want this when there are devises that are cheaper and offer HD or at least close to HD. The camcorder is there, but I wonder why this and not a regular camera? There seems to be a lot of steps which are missed and others that make no sense. Although it should be pointed out there is a radio and a pedometre, which would be quite good since fitness is becoming increasingly important, it is not ground breaking.

I wonder if this is a partial step for Apple. Certainly the idea of a multi-purpose device seems to be the direction of Apple. There is a belief that the one purpose device is now dead. We have cellphones that seem to do everything but make calls.

So the show i over, it's time to move on and wait for the next step.

That's all.

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