Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brantford Jazz Festival 2

It was one of those perfect late summer afternoons. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the jazz was a mixture of old favourties and new creations. The stages had both veterans with pedigrees that featured the giants of Jazz, to the newcomers, attempting to garner appreciation for their craft and new fans.

This describes the afternoon of the first day of Brantford's second annual jazz festival. Last year inaugeral presentation was so well received that everyone decided to do it all over again the next year but this time, all of us were to be treated to double the fun. It was going to be two days instead of one. So Harmony Square and area was again filled with the sounds of Jazz.

The great thing about the second year of living in Brantford, is getting to know people, I had the pleasure of meeting and thanking Frank DiFelice, one half of the duo that has brought this festival to downtown Brantford. He and his wife have been involved with jazz for many years and last year they decided Brantford should be put on the jazz map. The three thousand or so people, according to the estimate of Art Means, one of the sponsors, obviously agree with the DiFelice's.

The crowd was very appreciative of the music being performed:

Even towards the end of the day's events, the crowd stayed large and involved.

It was also Isabelle's first jazz festival and she enjoyed herself.

The good news, there's still one more day of Jazz.

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