Thursday, March 30, 2006

If you are at all concerned about the issue of child poverty in Canada I want to encourage you to get involved in the Hands Off! campaign that has been underway for some time. The basis of this campaign is the disgraceful practice of provinces, with the approval of the federal government, to clawback the child tax benefit from the cheques of people who receive social assistance. In other words, the provinces tax the families of people who receive CTB. For every dollar they get, a dollar is taken off their social assistance cheque.

To understand the logic behind such action is probably impossible because if you approach the issue logically you would say this is illogical and it is.

If you read the front page of the link you will find this line:
The money that is saved by clawing back the NCBS is used to fund "reinvestment programs" for low-income families, but not necessarily for families on social assistance.
If you believe that governments are doing just that please email me, because I own a bridge in New York City I am interested in selling.

The greatest 'reinvestment program' one can have to end child poverty is giving families money so they can buy food, shelter, clothes and school supplies for their children.

As you know in 1989 members of the House of Commons passed a resolution:
this house seeks to achieve the goal of eliminating poverty amoung Canadian children by the year 2000
. Well, we're six years past the deadline and its about time we tell politicians of all parties, of all levels that its about time they keep their word.


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