Friday, March 17, 2006

V for Vendetta

I just got back from seeing the new Wachowski Brothers' movie "V for Vendetta". With the pedigree of actors making up the ensemble, as well as the producers, screenwriters and directors you would assume this could be a good movie. It is a good movie. It is a political action/thriller/fantasy movie that deals with a Great Britain of the future, a future where democracy doesn't exist and fascism is in full control, or so it thinks.

You have the ingredients, meglomaniac leader, a docile media more willing to instill fear into the populace then report the truth and things seem to be going well, or is it. Seems there this one figure and you've probably got the gist of it, dresses up as Guy Fawkes, the infamous 17th century terrorist, who desired to blow up the Parliament Buildings. As an aside, Guy Fawkes was actually attempting to destroy democracy rather then protesting any sort of oppression, although I suppose a Catholic in Protestant Britain might have some feelings the other way.

The question is however, is V a terrorists, a patriot or a hero? His aims which were the overthrow of a very oppressive regime are laudable but what was his motivation?

It is a fascinating movie; the political intrigue, the work of the police attempting to find this man, although they get sidetracked as they learn the truth about the story behind the story. However that is as much the story as the story line. The idea of the movie is the power of ideas. What can destroy the hold of a government based on fear, it is the people losing that fear. V makes the comment, "people should not fear their government, governments should fear their people", while it may be a bit strong, however, in this day and age in which fear is as much an instrument of control as arms, it is a good statement.

It is a like taking the red pill and learning just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Go see it.

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