Friday, March 24, 2006

The Browser: Nokia aims to kill iPods, camcorders - Mar. 22, 2006

The cellular phone industry has to be one of the more fascinating ones existing right now. After making it so that everyone has to have one, they've now diversified. Nokia, a phone maker made more cameras then any other company, with the fact it made 100 million camera phones.

Now they want to rule the mp3 player and camcorder market.

They will be able to flood the market with devises equpped with mp3 playing ability and video capture.

I'm sure they will do a good job of making phones equipped with that and hopefully they will be good phones. Howver to say they will end the market of both products is a stretch. From where I live you can still buy cameras and by that I mean stand alone cameras. They have not disappeared and likely there are not. People want to take pictures with good equipment. This is not to say camera phones are good, they are and certainly they are convenient but still people still want cameras. As well, why should a person 'pay' to take and save a photograph, which cellular companies are notorious in charging you for everything you do with a cell phone. Yes I know they have children who need food and shoes, but still.

Now consider mp3 players, right now there are a few but they all have tended to not warm the market. The reason may be this, too many restrictions. With an mp3 player you plug it into your computer and download your music. With cellular phones, you download on their network, what they want you to download and they charge you a rather generous sum. I suppose you can plug in your phone, after you purchase accessories at extra costs. So not too convenient.

I was going to say 'battery life', but I notice they are working on that.

Hey another thing, that 32Gig flash drive. Got to be nice.

So going back, will cell phones take over everything, probably not. The underlying reason, why pay through the nose for the convenience?

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