Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yesterday I started working on my garden. Actually, I started that about two weeks ago with the first turning of the sod and then adding some peat moss. However yesterday I planted six seedlings into the soil. Three tomato, beefsteak variety, and three pepper, yellow variety. I also added 18 kg of sheep manure compost to enhance the nutrients of the soil.

I've been thinking about what I will plant in my little garden. Last year I tried corn , sunflowers and various squash plants. The results were mixed, I did have corn, one spectacular sunflower but the squash turned to be a dud. I did have one zucchini, which was tasty but nothing else. I didn't even grow any potatoes and those tend to be so simple. In past gardens I've grown potatoes even when I didn't plant any, having missed harvesting one of the potatoes.

I'm going to try squash again, I think the wet late spring and summer had a negative impact last year, plus with all the peat moss, it should help with the drainage. I'm also thinking of some herbs, they make such a nice touch. Perhaps peppermint and som e catnip, to drive the cats nuts. You know I do have that one container, perhaps I should turn that into an herb garden.


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