Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A couple of points for this blog. First, I've finished working on the garden I started last weekend. As I posted, I started with some tomatoes and yellow peppers. Well, over the weekend, I planted some more peppers, this time hot peppers. With that, cucumbers, zucckinis, pumpkins, head lettuce and some herbs. The herbs I placed in a large planter that had been growing weeds for the past two summers. I threw in some corn seeds and sunflower. I'm hoping they grow this year. I'll be posting some pixs in future blogs to let all know how its going.

Also I'm watching another episode of Doctor Who. I truly believe Christopher Eccleston would have been the best Doctor ever if he stayed more then one year. He is fantastic and the scripts are great. He made an interesting comment, he said an ordinary person, the most important part of the universe. He talks to the bride and groom and says they had a great life, 2AM meeting on a street corner, he never did anything like that. He also plans to save the world and he probably will.

Oh yes one more, I was listening to Jupiter Project by Pulsar Bleu. It's great. Discover them and enjoy.


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