Wednesday, May 11, 2005

H�tel-Dieu Grace Hospital

People who know me may find the subject of this blog odd. Let me say that I actively discourage people from going to Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, in Windsor Ontario. I say it to you as well, if you become ill or require a visit to an emergency ward, do not go to HD/GH. If you are ill, may I suggest that you simply you lie down for 10 days. After that period of time you will either be well, or dead. If you go to HD/G you will probably be dead.

Let me give you some examples, recently a person I respect and know told me an incident, of which she was a witness. This woman came to the aforementioned hospital complaining that she thought she was having a heart attack. They gave her an EKG and had her sit in one of those rooms in ER- they told her she had some indigestion and sent her home. Now listen my knowledge of medicine is nil, but I know a few things the main being that women have different symptons of a heart attack, also their symptons are different. She returned, in far worse condition and was air lifted to Detroit Recovery Hospital; they felt her condition was to far to risk a flight to London. So she was flown to Detroit where she died. I suppose it could be argued whether she would have lived anyway, but the delay of time ensured death was inevitable.

The second incident is recent, this fellow I know checked in with some curious symptons, such as confusion and cold sweats. He went in and after seeing some sort of nurse practitioner he was released. His conditioned remained at least the same and the doctor he saw on Tuesday said he should not have been released. He is now at HG/G having tests to determine whether or not he has had a stroke. Let's consider it, for two days he received no treatment.

So the bottom line, stay away from Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital.

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