Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sympatico / MSN Sports : Home : Gliebermans back in charge of CFL in Ottawa as Renegades ownership unveiled

I am a CFL fan. I love the game, love the teams and the tradition and so to hear that the Glieberman's are back in charge of the Ottawa Renegades brought both a smile to my face and a gulp. Let's put it forward and the points are brought out in the article, there were once the owners of the Ottawa football franchise and they did have problems. However, the obviously love the game since they did establish a team in Shrevesport and you know there were a lot of fans down there. They want the CFL to succeed. I thought it was interesting they believed this to be their only business failure and it sounds like the don't like failure.

I wish them both well and all the success of the future. Glad to see Joe Paopao is staying on as coach and GM. Great guy.


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