Wednesday, April 27, 2005

With the fact I watch a lot of Call for Help, I hear a great deal about Macs and Linux. A few weeks ago there was asegment on Linux Live CD-ROM. What this does is allow a person to boot from a CD-ROM and use a brand of Linux on the computer. After looking around I was able to download Slax Linux and put it on a CD. It took a while to find the right way to burn the program onto a CD, because the program is downloaded as an .iso, it requires a person to make an image onto the CD. It is not the same as doing the same as a regular burn.

Yesterday I ran it on the main computer and it worked. There is still some work needed, first of all I couldn't get the mouse to work, but it was interesting to discover how it works.

I'm going to be reading the Slax documents to learn more how to use the program. I'm sure it will be interesting.

Another Linux I decided to try is ubuntu Linux, which means humanity for others. It's another Live CD so I will find it interesting to use. Perhaps eventually I will move to Linux in all it's glory.


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