Sunday, April 17, 2005

London Free Press: News Section - Election fever taking hold

I have some concern about this. I know lately the PM has been goading the leader of the Opposition to 'pull the plug' and force the government to resign and call an election.

while I would say that might work I have only one question and that is, why does Paul want an election? Why not wait for the full release of the Gormey Commission. While what has been said is damning and damaging, is this the proverbial tip of the iceberg?

Perhaps it would be better to let the government swing. Right now the government is on its heels; they can't do much more then respond to the the accusations. This mean they don't have time for much else, so nothing is getting done. Perhaps allowing them that is the LIberals is revel in their incompetence would be a good thing, although perhaps not for the country as a whole.

By the way, expect Paul to wrap himself in the flag and constitution. He will paint the Conservatives as intolerant, mind you what would we want an 'intolerant' government or a 'corrupt' one. That may be our choice in the next election.


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