Thursday, April 21, 2005

Earthday Network Homepage

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I know some get cranky and want to make a day in March Earth Day, for most tomorrow will be the day. It's the day we go out and walk softly on Mother Earth, thanking her for the life she gives us. We also must stop and consider what we are doing to the Planet. It is still our only home and as one poster declared, a good planet is hard to find.

I came across this site, celebrates the Celtic feast of Bealitainn. It is the festival of fertility. It is also known as May Day, and while that's still a few days away, there is some advice for that feast and also a good idea for earth day.

It suggests we:

1 Take an early morning walk, greet the animals and plants, look for Faeries.

2 Wake early to gather morning dew to bathe for face-one could also gather some from a stream or spring for the same purpose.

3 Collect water from the above sources for use in scrying or blessing for magickal workings.

4 Pick Spring flowers to braid into your hair or make into crowns or wreaths-add some tiny fairy bells!.

5 Set offerings of flowers or wreath into a pond, lake, river, etc.

All in all, not a bad idea.

Be at peace with the Earth.

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