Thursday, April 14, 2005

Martin glad to be rid of turncoats

It's always interesting when a person in the midst of scandel attempts to gain the moral high ground. Witness the case of Paul Martin, the Prime Minister of Canada. The Gormey Commission is revealing so much of the horror that was the Chretien years, it's amazing these people don't do the honourable thing and resign. Now we find out that a personal confidente of Chretien received payment totalling Six Million Dollars for well, no one is quite sure what he did.

I love the last paragraph: n a pep rally to his dwindling troops, Martin said Liberals must prepare to fight a campaign focused sharply on a strong fiscal record and mainstream Canadian values. Just one question, what values would those be, vaciliation, graft, corruption squandering resources, just what are our mainstream values Paul. Because all that I mention seem to be the Liberal Party of Canada, but do they represent ours?


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