Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three Time's a Charm

This is my third time attending the Brantford International Jazz Festival. It's quite something to say; "I've attended every one of the Festivals". Well I have, and probably a lot of people can say the same thing. This year, I was only able to attend the Sunday afternoon performances, due to a commitment Saturday Morning, and Applefest in St. George, Saturday afternoon. Which was equally fun. Plus I got to purchase some apple cider, got to enjoy the local apple cider, delicious.

What can I say, from my vantage point, I thought the crowd was larger than last year. I think part of it can be attributed to the line-up and the fact it was a great last weekend of summer, weekend. You can't go wrong when it's a sunny day, although there was a bit of clouding over later in the afternoon.

It seems that the Festival is getting itself on the jazz maps; it might not be the largest but its becoming one of the best. I say that, not just because the crowds are growing, but also the fact its getting noticed outside of Brantford. One person told me that the venue for the Brantford is right, it's cozy, all within one area and there is very much a sense of intimacy between the performers and the crowd. You can tell this due to a number of factors; one the fact the place is crawling with photographers, and not just professionals or media only, but I'm seeing the same people each year coming to take photographs.

The acts I was able to listen to on the Main Stage were:

Michael Kaeshammer

and Tony Monaco

There were two other stages, one for local talent and the other for Youth. I spent most of my time at the youth stage. It was well worth the time spent. Two different groups performed and they did themselves proud. Again, it was an appreciative audience that showed the young people a lot of support:

It's growing with its success, both Jazz.FM91 and Wave FM, two regional Jazz Radio stations were around. In fact Jazz FM had a write up about the festival:
"One of the best jazz festivals in Southern Ontario!" So shout the organizers of The 3nd Annual Brantford International Jazz Festival - a two-day open air celebration of music and culture on September 18 & 19, 2010. However, there is no doubting that for sheer quality of musicians and artists, The Brantford International Jazz Festival is definitely in the 1st class division. Just take a look at a few of the artists that are lined up for the 2010 festival and you get the picture. Spitfire Band, Tony Monaco, Juno Awared Winner Ranee Lee, The Roberto Linares Brown Orchestra, Amanda Martinez, Hot Club of Detroit and others. The festival will again feature three stages – Main Artists, Local Artists and Next Generation Youth Stage…and the best part is that all the afternoon performances are free!

The latter station is becoming one of the sponsors.

From what I heard, Saturday was equally as great.

So now all there is to do is wait until next year's Festival, which according to one newspaper, promises to be even bigger and better then this year.

Which reminds me, the Brantford Film Festival is coming up, October 15th and 16th. It looks good too. I'm thinking of going, plus I've already bought a t-shirt.

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