Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heinbuck's est pessum ire

I was thinking of using the famous saying by Cato the Elder: "Carthago delenda est", but use the word Heinbuck's instead of Carthago, but that would be translated Heinbuck's must be destroyed. Apparently, Cato had some issues with Carthage and wanted it removed. This did happen during the Third Punic War. This is today's Roman History Lesson. There will be a test, nor will you have to write a paper.

Heinbuck's was, I can assume, a store on Wharf Street, at the bottom of the hill from South Side Colborne Street. It was a plucky little store and it had been standing in defiance of the bulldozers and cranes.

Yet it too got behind the blue fence of death, so it was only a matter of time.

Today, when walking up Wharf Street, I noticed the work and found out that Heinbuck's is, indeed, no more.

The demolition continues. In some ways, it is impressive, but it still means the loss of a lot of building and if it is true the material is not be recycled and a lot of potential building material.

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