Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clubbing Seals

While checking out things at Facebook, I noticed one of the people I friended had joined a group called: I Support the Seal Hunt. Now far from it for me to engage in any controversy, or express an opinion about anything that will make people angry or divide people with their opinions. That is simply not my way.

So there is a group that supports the idea of grown men with baseball bats going out onto the ice and busting in the skulls of little seals. Please I'm not one of those PETA. I think most members of that group are probably a bit crazy. I'm not going to go on about those cute little white furred seals, which by the way, can't be hunted. So if you see a anti-sealing website featuring pictures of them, ignore them, they are bogus. See, I am level minded and express no controversy.

What my problem with such a group even attempting to defend the indefensible is that while they complain about the propaganda of the anti-sealing crowd, they are engaged in it as much. After all some will say, they have to kill, or cull, sorry- the seals because the seals are responsible for the destruction of the cod fish. They will also go on and say there are millions of seals out there and the population is either stable or are growing. With all these seals, the cod stocks will never recover. There you go, it's all the fault of those darn seals, it has nothing to do with the over 500 year tradition of overfishing or the total mismanagement of this resource. No, none of those had any effect on the cod. The cod was doing well even though many fishery fleets were using the equivalent of a sea going vacuum cleaner. Then the proponent will say, the seals are multiplying, which is almost against their argument. You see, a little lesson on biology- nature tends to keep things equal. By that, it endeavours to keep things on an even keel; when there is sufficient food available, populations increase,, when food gets scarce, populations go down. An animal that ate codfish, would be equally in trouble, or would stop growing, simply matching the amount of food that is available- there certainly would not be any growth.

What I want to suggest to facebook is that they set up other groups, now a quick search they have groups such as Clubbing Sandwiches rather then seals. I agree with that sentiment. Personally I would rather have a Club Sandwich rather then club seal.

But, I am not sure I disagree with clubbing seals. I think seals should go to clubs and dance hall. I support the right of seals to attend Raves. I also think seals should club humans. Let us see how brave those sealers are if they saw a bunch of seals stand up on their back flippers, holding some aluminum baseball bats.

Club Seals, I would rather trance Seals:

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