Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baseball, Tigers and XM Radio

One of the advantages of having satellite radio is, besides the great selection of music that is available, sports. After a winter of listening to various hockey teams including both the Canucks and the Lightning. It is great not to be tied down to the local team, which just happens to be the Maple Leafs, but to enjoy other teams.

But now, let's forget about hockey, eventually I'll get interested in the play-offs but for now I want to listen to baseball. Here is the great part of XM Radio, it is the official radio of Major League Baseball. I can listen to every team and every game. It is great. This past week, I've been listening to the Detroit Tigers.

What will make it worthwhile is by listening I'll catch up with the team. There are the regular players and there are the new players. For example, Armando Galarraga, what a pitcher! He's pitched two gems to start the season and now has an ERA of 0.68. This is the stuff I will be able to keep up with and all because of satellite radio.

I know the radio is having some problems but you know what, I would rather have satellite then terrestrial.

Go Tigers!

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