Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 22nd- Earth Day

It's been thirty-nine years since the first Earth Day. I suppose it could be asked is this still relevent? After all we are supposed to be aware of the environmental dangers facing our planet and ourselves. Besides everybody and everything is now thinking Green. We have political parties that are Greens. Practically all companies and manufacturers are into producing green products. We all want to lower our carbon footprint and evryone seems to be with that view. Even those who don't necessarily accept the theory of Global Warming seem to accept the fact we need to change our lifestyle and lower the amount of carbons and greenhouse gases currently being produced.

There are those who are critical of Earth Day:
Some environmentalists have become critical of Earth Day, particularly those in the bright green environmentalism camp. They charge that Earth Day has come to symbolize the marginalization of environmental sustainability, and that the celebration itself has outlived its usefulness

Those who call themselves Bright Greens. They see the day as a marginal attempt to evoke the protest nature that was the late 60's and early 70's. They believe:
B]right green environmentalism is less about the problems and limitations we need to overcome than the “tools, models, and ideas” that already exist for overcoming them. It forgoes the bleakness of protest and dissent for the energizing confidence of constructive solutions.

They tend to view all problems have a technological solution. It could be true, but this does not say we need to forgo an Earth Day or an Earth Hour. They remind us to consider and care for our planet.

I was walking through a neighbourhood in West Brant and took some photographs:

I realize this is a construction zone and it's not finished yet. No doubt there will be some improvements. Still, it's good to have a record of what they are not doing. We are quick to dig up, throw away and general treat with a level of disregard.

The sad reality is, this is why the tree canopy is only 15% in Brantford- a cavalier attitude to the environment. We need to remember we are part of the Planet and we need to show respect.

Not all is ugly:

Do we need Earth Day? Do we need the Earth? When we answer the latter in the negative, then I suppose we can answer the former in the same way.

Respect the Earth

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