Sunday, April 02, 2006

eMachines Desktops: T6532 Product Details

After five years with a Pentium 1.0Gig machine, we decided to get a new one. This is it.

Now for the story. The family has been complaining about the speed of the old machine and the fact it was freezing and crashing. So we went to Best Buy, although not for the reasons of buying a new machine. We looked around and saw some emachines. By the way BestBuy had one of those
24 months equal payment

The first machine we looked at was the T6528. It had double the memory and double the hard drive space. It was a package and came with a flat screen monitor. We thought it was a good deal and agreed. Just as we got ready to make the purchase the sales representative looked and noticed they were all out, he said he could issue a rain cheque but then went to talk to his supervisor. He came back a few minutes later and ask if we would take a better machine for the same price.

After some deliberation we agreed and so we ended up with the T6532 which has 1 Gig of RAM, 200 Gig HD and is screaming fast. Now playing "Need for Speed" is really speed and I should imagine such things as Sims and Tiger Woods will be equally impressive.

The old machine has been retired and is down in the basement, we have some things to take off it and we will. We haven't decided what to do yet but we will. The girls are fighting over taking it to University, although I think it would be better for them to buy new machines for themselves.

By the way, the 9-in-1 card reader is a very interesting feature.


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