Thursday, April 20, 2006

APPLE'S NO. 1 HIT By TIM ARANGO - New York Post Online Edition: business

No kidding.

The Recording Industry has to capitulate. If they had decided to say "we're not going to work with you Steve". Steve would have simply said "That's fine". Remember Apple once had as its slogan "Rip, Mix, Burn". That was for the owners of Apple computers, but to the recording industry, the slogan was taken to mean 'screw you'.

So the bottom line, there's a whole lot of ipods out there and they will get filled with music. The source of that music will depend upon whether the industry and demonstrate it does possess a modicum of brains. Either from Apple iTunes Music Store or from the Internet. The owners of all those ipods probably don't care where the music comes from; the majority would like it from the Music Store. But if the industry plays stupid there's always Limewire or the various newsgroups, or chat, or, well you get the idea.

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