Sunday, February 19, 2006

EFF: DeepLinks

Here we go again, the RIAA is trying to take something totally legal, such as copying a CD you own, onto an iPod you own and making it illegal. Understand this, just because the RIAA says its illegal does not make it illegal. It is similar to the time when you would take an LP and copy it to a cassette tape and use it to play on the car stereo. You are simply making a copy for yourself. No where does it say that the copy is going to be used for file sharing or making illegal copies you will sell off an old bedsheet on some street corner.

I wonder if this is a bit of revenge against Steve Jobs for his refusal to allow the music industry to dictate the price of downloads over iTunes.

Ultimately this will be exposed as the sham it is and we will continue to take our CD's and burn them onto our iPods.

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