Monday, November 28, 2005 - Ottawa and Region - He still hasn't found what he's looking for

Dear Bono

Welcome to the cold harsh reality of Canadian politics. I hate to say this my friend, but you were used by Paul Martin.

You see Bono, Mr. Martin cares not a whit for Africa or the needs of that continent. Yes he will say he is concerned, especially if there's an election coming and he needs a famous celebrity for a photo op ( which is a photo opportunity-just in case you didn't know), but otherwise, Africa means nothing to him and his government.

While the name is Liberal, the policy of the government is more monetarist and isolationists. This is a government that would rather squander millions on their friends use government funds on concrete social policy.

I must point out to you that the current and past Liberal governments have a litany of broken promises and while you are 'mystified' by the failure of Paul Martin to come across with more aid, here in Canada, it's just one more broken Liberal promise. Something we have sadly become very accustomed too.

One word of advice, the next time Paul Martin calls you, tell him your very busy.

By the way, the concert you and the band put on in Detroit was incredible.

Your fan


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