Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Editorial: Let Us Pay

I took the time to read this editorial from All the World magazine. It is about international ministry and missions. What got my attention is the editorial dealing with debt relief aid and the Christian response.

It is still an important issue, the third and fourth world is still paying more money in debt payment then in the development of a superstructure or to meet the social needs of the nations. Often as well, as part of debt payments, governments are forced to privatize social services to pay off the debt. For example, in Nicaragua, the government has been forced to privatize parts of its water services. It is done because the IMF and development banks want it done. You can read about it here.

As you can believe, the companies that are established are often part of large multi-national corporations and so the money flows from the poorest to the wealthiest.

All that leaves is further impoverishment.

End the Debt.

Make Poverty History
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