Friday, November 04, 2005

I wanted to encourage all who read this blog to make sure you buy a poppy from a member of the Royal Canadian Legion this week. I'm on the second one. So when you see them standing outside banks, or if you see the cardboard container, toss a loonie or whatever loose change in your pocket and wear it as your way of saying thanks.

As I thought about the reasons for the sacrifice, I recall these men went off to fight against an evil, a darkness and a tyranny that would have instituted a new dark age, if I man quote Winston Churchill. Then I realized there is still darkness in corners of our world today.

Freedom is still not enjoyed and I point you in direction of 'Abd al-Raziq al-Mansuri who is in jail for writing critical things about the Libyan government on his blog. While the government claims he was arrested for possessing firearms, it is likely he was arrested for his comments on his blog.

Remember him and others who are still fighting for freedom.

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